The Search For the Best Food For Healthy Skin

So many women spend so much time searching for the best food for healthy skin. They are under the impression that you can eat for skin health and that if you eat the right foods for healthy skin then that will ensure a great looking complexion right into old age. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

However the bad news is that there is no list that you will find of healthy food for healthy skin, that will give you a wonderful looking complexion simply by eating those foods.

You see there is no magic in eating for good looking skin. The simple truth is that if you are healthy on the inside you will also be healthy on the outside, and that staying healthy generally is the best way to eat for good skin.

You know the deal. Eat more fruit and vegetables and less salt, sugar and saturated fat, drink more water, exercise more, drink less alcohol and don’t smoke. That’s the recipe for good overall health and it’s the exact same recipe for great looking skin. Because it’s extremely difficult to look great when you spend your time on the couch eating pizza and burgers.

The reality is that most people know this, however very few people actually do it, because it isn’t easy. That extra bucket of chips, that super-sized burger or that massive soft drink is just too seductive. Whilst you know what you should be doing for good health you don’t do it often enough.

It’s exactly the same for anyone searching for the best foods for healthy skin. There’s no list of special foods that I can give you that will allow you to improve your skin by eating those foods if you keep eating those pizzas and burgers as well.

Here’s a simple recipe for great skin health. Follow this recipe well and, over a period of time, you will get healthier and as you get healthier your skin will look better. But it isn’t easy.

1. Eat more fruit and vegetables.

2. Drink more water and less alcohol, or none.

3. Eat less salt, sugar and saturated fat.

4. Exercise more and get fitter.

5. If you smoke then stop.

6. Avoid sunburn like the plague. Cover-up well if you go outside during the middle of the day.

Follow that simple recipe and I can just about guarantee that, over a period of time, your health, and your skin, will thank you for it.

There’s 2 more things that you can also do to improve on this recipe. The first is to take a daily dose of omega 3 fatty acid supplements, particularly those that include lycopene. These are now available.

Lycopene has been shown to reverse the effects of sun damage on your skin and sun damage, or the effects of UV radiation over time, is about the biggest cause of premature aging of your complexion. And omega 3 fats are also very good for your skin.

And the second thing to do is to use the very highest quality natural skin care products every day. Natural skin care products really do work better.

So if you’re someone searching for the best foods for healthy skin there you have a recipe. I can’t tell you 3 or 4 foods that, if you eat them, will give you great looking skin. Eating for skin health is all about eating for good health overall.