The Best Foods That Build Muscle

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Picture yourself not long from now after you read each word in his article and find out what are the best foods that build muscle.

You probably already know that eating the right foods is the beginning key to building muscle. Food on its own wont build you muscle but eating right will definitely help.

I’m sure you already know that you should cut out all junk food from your diet if you want to make any improvement building muscle. Junk food will just make you fat and that’s not what you want.

To build muscle you need to eat food that will give you plenty of energy to keep you going and you need food that will repair your body from the damage you do when lifting weights.

I’m sure you’ll find it helpful to know that you should be eating a diet that is full of protein and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates will give you a lot of energy that will help you to keep going when things get tough, and the protein will help to quickly rebuild the torn muscle fibers and heal the overall damage that exercise and weight lifting cause.

Food that is high in protein:

Most red meat
Cottage cheese
Egg whites

Food that is high in Carbohydrates:

Green vegetables
Grain cereals

Of course you have heard that you should drink lots of water, but I also recommend drinking protein shakes, you can buy protein shakes from most gyms and health food shops.

Aim to drink between 8-9 glasses of water a day and 2-3 protein shakes a day along with a menu that is filled with foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates.