Bad Better and Best Foods

If you’re experiencing acidic pH levels, you can make changes in your diet that may raise your pH level to an alkaline state. This is sometimes known as alkalizing your diet. If you’re not sure whether or not you are acidic or alkaline, you can get pH test strips to discover. With pH test strips, you need to test frequently to find out how your diet and lifestyle are influencing your healthfulness. If you’re acidic, you must definitely think about modifying your diet to incorporate more alkaline foods. As far your diet goes, all of the things you drink and eat can be regarded re bad, better, and best. Bad foods are extraordinarily acidic while the best foods are extraordinarily alkaline. Better foods are somewhere between but are sometimes barely or tolerably alkaline also. Processed meats ( cold cuts, bacon, burger, chicken, for example. ) fall into the bad class. So if you consume a large amount of processed meats, you can start to substitute them for better or best foods. A smarter choice is eating organic meats that are nitrate, MSG, and ECU free. The finest choice would be vegan meats made of seeds and nuts. As a rule, organic food are better for you than non-organic foods.

Stuff like bread and regular white pasta from the superstore are acidic. A wiser choice will be to buy yeast free, wheat free bread and organic pasta. The very best choice would be basis bread and raw spaghetti made of crush. For drinks, water from the tap is thought of as bad. A smarter choice would be filtered water, and a good choice would be alkaline water. Sodas and processed fruit juices are also considered bad. Organic fresh juices are the wiser choice, while the best choice is freshly squeezed juice. Again, as a general suggestion in changing your diet, most anything you purchase from a corner store is considered to be bad.

The smarter choice would be buying green food from a health food store. Customarily, the more ingredients a product has, the worse it is for you ( particularly if the ingredients are words you have never heard about that are tough to pronounce ). Better yet, handcrafted, all fresh ingredients will always be the best foods for you. Now, when refining your diet, do not simply go cold turkey and stop eating all of the bad foods and eat nothing apart from the best foods.

This often does not work in the long term.

Instead, just make one or two changes here and there.

Change your diet steadily and start to substitute a few bad things for better and best things. You must also constantly test your pH levels to find out how changes in your diet are affecting your vitality. So go slow when making changes, attempt to discover organic and uncooked foods that you like and start to substitute them for bad things, and monitor how these changes cause you to feel. Ultimately, attempt to make the experience as fun as practicable by trying new foods and recipes. Good luck!

The Best Energy Drink

You can find them almost anywhere from grocery stores to gas stations to mini-markets. They are prominently displayed at the check-out counter and usually easily within one’s grasp.

With so many brands to choose from, what is the best one for you, personally? You will have to understand what the ingredients are to make an informed selection. There are possible risks associated with some energy products due to high levels of caffeine and sodium. High calorie count is another important factor.

Top selling energy drinks

If you base your energy drink decision on popularity and effectiveness, the top three are Redbull, Monster, and Rockstar. Redbull has the commanding market share at 43 percent. Monster has a 39 percent share and Rockstar comes in third with a 10 percent share. There are several other manufacturers with a one to three percent share, including Full Throttle.

Looking at caffeine and calorie amounts:
• Redbull has 76 mg caffeine in an 8 ounce can and 110 calories
• Monster has 160 mg caffeine in a 16 ounce can and 200 calories
• Rockstar has 160 mg caffeine in a 16 ounce can and 280 calories
• Enviga has 100 mg caffeine in a 12 ounce can and only 5 calories
• Full Throttle has 100 mg caffeine in 16 ounces and 180 calories

Health effects of caffeine

One of the most frequently asked questions about energy drinks is the health effects of ingesting too much caffeine. The answer is very surprising because you would have to drink a nearly impossible number of drinks for the caffeine to be fatal. There are several web pages that allow you to enter your weight and favorite drink and they automatically calculate the total number for an over dose. Just for example, if a 150 pound person liked Redbull, they would have to drink over 140 cans in a day for a fatality. If that person chose a 160 mg drink in a 16 ounce can they would have to down over 75 cans in a day.

So, the chance of immediate harm is unlikely because of shear volume. However, drinking too many drinks may give you a bad case of the jitters and an upset stomach. Even the best energy beverage is no substitute for rest and nutrition. But what about regular daily usage of your best energy drink over a long period of time. Many health experts have expressed warnings about using the drink as a substitute for sleep and quality rest. Some experts argue that users probably don’t get enough of the right nutrition with heavy usage of energy drinks. Use your energy drinks wisely. It is not a replacement for proper sleep or food. Summing up the considerations for finding your best energy drink, you’ll want to sample several drinks for flavor. Many come in multiple flavors. Next you may want to set some limits on consumption as you will be spending between three and six dollars a dose. Set a budget